Jake + Sarah | Married!

This was basically a family affair for me. One of my very best (and my very oldest) friends is the bride’s sister in law. I was the MOH in that wedding, I photographed the bride’s older sister’s wedding, and now for the grand finale – the third and final Blackburn wedding. Thank you to the Blackburn family for including me in every one of your awesome kid’s big days! It’s a joy to know you. Now, onto the sweetness that is Jake and Sarah.

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Photographed in Johnson City, TN

Many high fives to Katherine Williams for second shooting!

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Colin + Hannah | Married!

Part II of Colin + Hannah’s wedding in the Bahamas! Have I mentioned how amazing it was to be there with them?
Maybe I did.

Wedding 009kelly001Wedding 002Wedding 005Wedding 013Wedding 028kelly012Wedding 047Wedding 063Wedding 056Wedding 064Wedding 065kelly002Wedding 072Wedding 093kelly003Wedding 104Wedding 112Wedding 117Wedding 113Wedding 120Wedding 126Wedding 130kelly007Wedding 143Wedding 147Wedding 151Wedding 224kelly010Wedding 188Wedding 193Wedding 197Wedding 194Wedding 203kelly011Wedding 171kelly008Wedding 225Wedding 229kelly009Wedding 218kelly006Wedding 236kelly005Wedding 243Wedding 245Wedding 262Wedding 255Wedding 256-2Wedding 277Wedding 283Wedding 293Wedding 285Wedding 309Wedding 294Wedding 323Wedding 366Wedding 328Wedding 329Wedding 332Wedding 335Wedding 314Wedding 374Wedding 392Wedding 391Wedding 354Wedding 352Wedding 385-2

Photographed on Harbour Island, Bahamas at the incredible Ocean View Club.

See also: Part I of Colin + Hannah’s wedding weekend

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Colin + Hannah’s Wedding Weekend | Part I

“I’m going to the Bahamas for work” is one of the coolest things I’ve ever said. I’m beyond grateful that Colin and Hannah made it happen. Finding myself back on Harbour Island at The Ocean View Club – along with my BFF this time around – was the highlight of my summer. Here is a taste of the goodness from the days that were not their wedding day.

Those are coming soon…

MII_5102MII_5164MII_7706MII_5085MII_5110MII_7759MII_7762APreWedding 087PreWedding 011PreWedding 023bahamas004PreWedding 014PreWedding 020PreWedding 053PreWedding 056PreWedding 042PreWedding 048PreWedding 035PreWedding 072PreWedding 078PreWedding 092PreWedding 082-2PreWedding 089PreWedding 085MII_7775PreWedding 001bahamas002PreWedding 105PreWedding 116PreWedding 124PreWedding 119bahamas001PreWedding 158PreWedding 141PreWedding 144bahamas005PreWedding 150PreWedding 148PreWedding 166PreWedding 167PreWedding 177-2PreWedding 181-2PreWedding 185PreWedding 195PreWedding 187PreWedding 192PreWedding 193PreWedding 189PreWedding 196PreWedding 199PreWedding 201PreWedding 210PreWedding 209PreWedding 213PreWedding 214PreWedding 221PreWedding 219

Photographed on Harbour Island, Bahamas

Welcome party: The Ocean View Club
Brunch: The Dunmore
Rehearsal dinner: Queen Conch

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Eric + Candace | Married!

I don’t like it, I love it love it love it.

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Photographed in Athens, GA at Kelly Creek Farm
Second shooter – Gracie Dinwiddie

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Mario + Jenna | Engaged!

That one time a Texan living in Georgia (that’s me) photographed a South Dakotan and a New Yorker who live in Florida but were visiting Georgia…
Good times.

MarioJenna 006MarioJenna 008MarioJenna 010MarioJenna 031MarioJenna 016-2MarioJenna 022-2MarioJenna 024-2MarioJenna 033mj002MarioJenna 034

Then Roxie joined the fun.

MarioJenna 041MarioJenna 043MarioJenna 044MarioJenna 046MarioJenna 049MarioJenna 050MarioJenna 051MarioJenna 054mj001

Photographed in Blue Ridge, GA

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Matt + Kelley | Married!

Blame it on the Bluegrass.

Deal 046Deal 006deal002Deal 039deal004Deal 050Deal 053Deal 059Deal 067Deal 069deal1Deal 111Deal 117Deal 123deal02Deal 140Deal 143Deal 146Deal 150Deal 191Deal 176Deal 190Deal 193deal003Deal 254Deal 241Deal 263Deal 269-2deal03Deal 328-2deal04Deal 317Deal 318Deal 322Deal 326Deal 415Deal 412Deal 381Deal 397Deal 418

Photographed in Traphill, NC

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Jason + Rachel | Married!

A farm wedding at its best!

Corn 007corn 05Corn 016Corn 040corn 02Corn 061Corn 071corn 04Corn 174corn 03Corn 184Corn 186Corn 191Corn 200Corn 220Corn 224Corn 238Corn 246Corn 251-2corn 06Corn 319Corn 315Corn 338corn 01Corn 525Corn 531Corn 527Corn 518corn 07Corn 436corn 08Corn 450Corn 690Corn 585Corn 544Corn 645Corn 598Corn 575Corn 692Corn 502Corn 615Corn 617Corn 608Corn 638Corn 625Corn 696Corn 699Corn 698Corn 726Corn 730

Photographed in Jonesborough, TN at Rachel’s family home.

Second shooter – Jocelyn Mathewes

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Delta Spirit

DeltaSpirit-JohnEmerald 037DeltaSpirit-JohnEmerald 021DeltaSpirit-JohnEmerald 029DeltaSpirit-JohnEmerald 032DeltaSpirit-JohnEmerald 033DeltaSpirit-JohnEmerald 019

Photographed in Opelika, AL at John Emerald Distilling Company.
These were shot for the Meet Me in Lebanon: A Tale in Three Acts story on The Love List.

Listen to Delta Spirit [Spotify | iTunes]


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Patrick + Lauren | Married!

It’s goin’ down for real.

Hughes 014hughesblog001Hughes 082hughesblog002Hughes 103Hughes 111Hughes 115Hughes 114Hughes 137hughesblog003Hughes 146Hughes 153Hughes 177Hughes 270Hughes 285Hughes 328Hughes 333Hughes 384Hughes 397Hughes 434-2Hughes 468Hughes 489Hughes 549Hughes 537Hughes 576Hughes 670Hughes 619Hughes 691Hughes 692Hughes 663Hughes 642Hughes 644-2Hughes 558Hughes 560Hughes 575Hughes 588Hughes 609Hughes 601Hughes 598Hughes 708

Photographed in Atlanta, GA
Ceremony – Trinity Presbyterian Church
Reception – King Plow
Freakin’ fantastic second shooter – Kaitie Bryant
One of the best wedding bands I’ve seen in Atlanta – Big Night Dynamite

See also: Patrick + Lauren | Engaged


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Sean + Hannah | Married!

Man oh man do I love this couple. I professed that on their engagement post, but I truly can’t say it enough. This wedding was a gift to me – a really big one with a really big bow on it. It’s a great day when two humans like this become husband and wife and I’m confident that the world is better bcause of it.

Blog_Rawson 007Blog_Rawson 033RawsonStory 001Blog_Rawson 049Blog_Rawson 059Blog_Rawson 062Blog_Rawson 067Blog_Rawson 041RawsonStory 002Blog_Rawson 084Blog_Rawson 086Blog_Rawson 091Blog_Rawson 092Blog_Rawson 093RawsonStory 003Blog_Rawson 109Blog_Rawson 112Blog_Rawson 115Blog_Rawson 116Blog_Rawson 128Blog_Rawson 184Blog_Rawson 205RawsonStory 005Blog_Rawson 186Blog_Rawson 180RawsonStory 006Blog_Rawson 224Blog_Rawson 227Blog_Rawson 228Blog_Rawson 237Blog_Rawson 238RawsonStory 004Blog_Rawson 249Blog_Rawson 252Blog_Rawson 297Blog_Rawson 294Blog_Rawson 298Blog_Rawson 302Blog_Rawson 312Blog_Rawson 311Blog_Rawson 324Blog_Rawson 272Blog_Rawson 329Blog_Rawson 337RawsonStory 008Blog_Rawson 338Blog_Rawson 344Blog_Rawson 347Blog_Rawson 351Blog_Rawson 345Blog_Rawson 356Blog_Rawson 364Blog_Rawson 369Blog_Rawson 429Blog_Rawson 430Blog_Rawson 431Blog_Rawson 434Blog_Rawson 438Blog_Rawson 439Blog_Rawson 441RawsonStory 009Blog_Rawson 488Blog_Rawson 498RawsonStory 010Blog_Rawson 507Blog_Rawson 514Blog_Rawson 521Blog_Rawson 517RawsonStory 011Blog_Rawson 526Blog_Rawson 567Blog_Rawson 559Blog_Rawson 579Blog_Rawson 598Blog_Rawson 602Blog_Rawson 608Blog_Rawson 605Blog_Rawson 612Blog_Rawson 635Blog_Rawson 628Blog_Rawson 629Blog_Rawson 617Blog_Rawson 621Blog_Rawson 639Blog_Rawson 642Blog_Rawson 659

Love you, girl…

Blog_Rawson 654Blog_Rawson 649Blog_Rawson 660Blog_Rawson 670Blog_Rawson 673Blog_Rawson 677

Photographed in Douglasville, GA at Foxhall.

See also: Sean + Hannah | Engaged

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