Sean + Hannah | Married!

Man oh man do I love this couple. I professed that on their engagement post, but I truly can’t say it enough. This wedding was a gift to me – a really big one with a really big bow on it. It’s a great day when two humans like this become husband and wife and I’m confident that the world is better bcause of it.

Blog_Rawson 007Blog_Rawson 033RawsonStory 001Blog_Rawson 049Blog_Rawson 059Blog_Rawson 062Blog_Rawson 067Blog_Rawson 041RawsonStory 002Blog_Rawson 084Blog_Rawson 086Blog_Rawson 091Blog_Rawson 092Blog_Rawson 093RawsonStory 003Blog_Rawson 109Blog_Rawson 112Blog_Rawson 115Blog_Rawson 116Blog_Rawson 128Blog_Rawson 184Blog_Rawson 205RawsonStory 005Blog_Rawson 186Blog_Rawson 180RawsonStory 006Blog_Rawson 224Blog_Rawson 227Blog_Rawson 228Blog_Rawson 237Blog_Rawson 238RawsonStory 004Blog_Rawson 249Blog_Rawson 252Blog_Rawson 297Blog_Rawson 294Blog_Rawson 298Blog_Rawson 302Blog_Rawson 312Blog_Rawson 311Blog_Rawson 324Blog_Rawson 272Blog_Rawson 329Blog_Rawson 337RawsonStory 008Blog_Rawson 338Blog_Rawson 344Blog_Rawson 347Blog_Rawson 351Blog_Rawson 345Blog_Rawson 356Blog_Rawson 364Blog_Rawson 369Blog_Rawson 429Blog_Rawson 430Blog_Rawson 431Blog_Rawson 434Blog_Rawson 438Blog_Rawson 439Blog_Rawson 441RawsonStory 009Blog_Rawson 488Blog_Rawson 498RawsonStory 010Blog_Rawson 507Blog_Rawson 514Blog_Rawson 521Blog_Rawson 517RawsonStory 011Blog_Rawson 526Blog_Rawson 567Blog_Rawson 559Blog_Rawson 579Blog_Rawson 598Blog_Rawson 602Blog_Rawson 608Blog_Rawson 605Blog_Rawson 612Blog_Rawson 635Blog_Rawson 628Blog_Rawson 629Blog_Rawson 617Blog_Rawson 621Blog_Rawson 639Blog_Rawson 642Blog_Rawson 659

Love you, girl…

Blog_Rawson 654Blog_Rawson 649Blog_Rawson 660Blog_Rawson 670Blog_Rawson 673Blog_Rawson 677

Photographed in Douglasville, GA at Foxhall.

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The Whiskey Gentry

These are some of my favorite photos from a story I shot last week by Jess Graves for The Love List: At Home with The Whiskey Gentry. It was an amazing handful of hours hanging out with Jason and Lauren, sippin’ Manhattans, snappin’ photos and recording a live track. High school me would have been really damn proud of what I called my job that day. Here’s to more days like these…

WhiskeyGentry 054WhiskeyGentry 079WhiskeyGentry 001WhiskeyGentry 003WhiskeyGentry 006WhiskeyGentry 004WhiskeyGentry 008WhiskeyGentry 030WhiskeyGentry 028WhiskeyGentry 026WhiskeyGentry 032WhiskeyGentry 036WhiskeyGentry 039WhiskeyGentry 035-2WhiskeyGentry 064WhiskeyGentry 062WhiskeyGentry 052WhiskeyGentry 053WhiskeyGentry 075WhiskeyGentry 068WhiskeyGentry 071

Photographed and filmed at Lauren and Jason’s home in Marietta, GA.

Full story on The Love List.

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Kartik + Chandni | Married | Day 3

97% of my 3rd day shooting this wedding was on the dance floor so I was 100% happy.

Saturday 024Saturday 026Saturday 034Saturday 037Saturday 071Saturday 079Saturday 084Saturday 133Saturday 135Saturday 136Saturday 165Saturday 144Saturday 146Saturday 184Saturday 200Saturday 202Saturday 244Saturday 263Saturday 264Saturday 370Saturday 343Saturday 266Saturday 267Saturday 225Saturday 292Saturday 290Saturday 294Saturday 385Saturday 382Saturday 380Saturday 364Saturday 414Saturday 296Saturday 295Saturday 394Saturday 396Saturday 398Saturday 387Saturday 390Saturday 391Saturday 393

And here’s some proof of the fun I had. Yes, that’s my body in the bottom left corner of this photo.

Saturday 313Saturday 309

Photographed in Orlando, FL at Renaissance Sea World.

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Kartik + Chandni | Married | Day 2

This was an incredible day! I never really knew what I was about to see next and I loved every minute of it.

Friday 016

Friday 049

Friday 019

Friday 025

Friday 026

Friday 062

Friday 065

Friday 133

Friday 075

Friday 080

Friday 085

Friday 087

Friday 089

Friday 097

Friday 099

Friday 105

Friday 102

Friday 106

Friday 109


Friday 118

Friday 126

Friday 120

Friday 136

Friday 152

Friday 160

The Barat is the Groom’s procession and marks the beginning of the wedding ceremony. It’s customary for the groom to travel to the wedding venue (often the bride’s house) on a mare, accompanied by his family members. In Kartik’s case, he entered on a vintage Ural, and DJ with a portable system blared music while he and his family and friends danced their way to the ceremony.

Friday 161

Friday 169

Friday 173

Friday 176

Friday 183

Friday 189

Friday 191

Friday 198

Friday 216

Friday 225

Friday 228

Friday 247

Friday 251

Friday 263

Friday 275

Friday 280

Friday 282

Friday 296

Friday 299

Friday 300

Friday 302

Friday 304

Friday 316

Friday 317

Friday 322

Friday 321

Friday 324

Friday 326

Friday 328

Friday 337

Friday 368

Friday 339

Friday 352

Friday 361

Friday 363

Friday 372

Friday 355

Photographed in Orlando, FL at Renaissance Sea World.

Many thanks to Nate Robinson of Studio222 Photography for killing it as second shooter. Also, to my sweet friend Anna White who assisted me by carrying my stuff, making me laugh, shooting some killer images and Britney Spears’ing it.

See also: Kartik + Chandni | Day 1

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Kartik + Chandni | Married | Day 1

Here are a few of my favorites from Day 1 (Thursday) of Kartik and Chandni’s 3 day wedding in Orlando. This was the first Indian wedding that I’ve photographed so the entire experience was an exciting adventure for me.

The ceremony images were shot at the Hindu Society of Central Florida. The Mehndi (henna) ceremony was that evening at Chandni’s uncle’s home in Winter Park. It also included a delicious dinner, Scotch and dancing.

Thursday 011

Thursday 027

Thursday 024Thursday 005

Thursday 023Thursday 028Thursday 029

Thursday 079

Thursday 055

Thursday 047Thursday 066Thursday 072Thursday 073

Thursday 074Thursday 126Thursday 143Thursday 134

Thursday 161

Thursday 117

Day 2 is coming soon!

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Madhav + Swati | Engaged!

madhav+swati 003

madhav+swati 011-2

madhav+swati 015-2madhav+swati 019madhav+swati 025madhav+swati 031madhav+swati 034madhav+swati 042madhav+swati 065

Photographed in Atlanta, GA

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Madhav + Swati | Film



Photographed in Atlanta, GA
Mamiya 645 on Portra 400


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Photographed in Luckenbach, TX
Mamiya 645 on Tri-X

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Thank you, 2014


A few weeks ago, Dallas Clayton posted on Instagram a “list of essentials to keep in mind” print.
It read…
THINGS TO LOVE: Where you live, who you’re with, what you do, who you are.
My 2014 business year is officially a wrap and I’m so thankful to everything on that list. When I was a kid, dreaming of what to be when I grew up, I never knew to dream of a job that would lead to so much fun. Just like any job, it has its ups and downs, but overall, what a privilege this work is! So thank you, clients, some of whom are now great friends. Thank you for adding to the reasons that I love where I live, who I’m with, what I do and who I am. And thank you for letting me dance on the clock and when available, drink your open bar bourbon.

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Sean + Hannah | Engaged!

These two humans? Well, they’re pretty spectacular – some of the best on the planet, and their story is one of my favorites. Her heart is infinite amounts of gold and he is one of the good guys. There’s a quote in Dracula, of all books, that says “There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights.” Sean and Hannah are some of the lights. Really, really bright ones.

This was my last shoot of the year and I couldn’t imagine a better way complete it. I am so honored that they wanted to be in front of my camera, and I am so pumped to do it again on their wedding day.

SeanHannah 002

SeanHannah 008

SeanHannah 010SeanHannah 011SeanHannah 013SeanHannah 019SeanHannah 016SeanHannah 028SeanHannah 031

SeanHannah 029BWSeanHannah 034SeanHannah 040-2SeanHannah 045SeanHannah 047

SeanHannah 050SeanHannah 053-2SeanHannah 058SeanHannah 056SeanHannah 066SeanHannah 076-2

Photographed in Jasper, GA

Check out their proposal video by Jared Belcher!

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